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OTWOO Eye Makeup Brushes Set (PINK):

The application of eye makeup might be the most difficult and time-consuming of all the many forms of makeup. You may give your eyes a beautiful finish by selecting and utilizing the appropriate makeup brushes for the task. The EYE MAKEUP BRUSHES SET (PINK) from OTWOO allows you to get the ideal natural look.

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  • They make the application and blending easier.
  • It is simple to carry them because they are lightweight.
  • It offers uniform application.
  • It provides superior protection.
  • It is a more expedient method of applying eyeshadow.

How to use:

  1. Apply color to your lids using a medium-sized brush.
  2. Apply color to the crease using an angled or tapered brush.
  3. Using a long blending brush, combine two tones.
  4. Makeup should be smudged using a little, flat blending brush.
  5. Using an eyeliner brush or pencil, draw thin lines.

How to clean OTWOO Eye Makeup Brushes:

  1. With lukewarm water, wet the bristles.
  2. In the palm of your clean hand, put a drop of your preferred cleaner.
  3. Gently stroke the bristle tips in your palm.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the bristles.
  5. Utilize a fresh towel to squeeze out the extra moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-  Do different eyeshadow brushes matter?

When you use good brushes, your makeup looks better: OTWOO Eyeshadow brushes to enhance the final appearance of your makeup. They facilitate application and blending, resulting in a more polished, well-done, and appealing appearance.

otwoo brush set pink




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